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July 11, 2013, edited again 11/3/2013 for clarity.

I thought it might be time to update this page, since the original text below was written over two years ago when I thought it might be a fine idea to remain unknown.  As in “anonymous”.  Because, you know, anonymous blogging has never gotten anyone in trouble before.  Like, ever.

To restate what I said before because that’s really 99.9% of what I do, I started this blog so that I could talk about what patent trolls are doing and how much I didn’t like it.  It bothers me on a moral level and darn if it doesn’t feel good to just spout off about that, no?

My background is in business administration, in that I have a Bachelor’s of such from the University of Texas at Austin.  I ran my own software development company for about six years, a venture I started when a programmer who worked with me at Shell Chemical in Deer Park, TX told me that I could never run a business on my own.  If there’s only one thing I like being told less than “We’re out of chocolate”, it’s “You can’t do that.”  ORLY?  Yeah, so I started my own business at 26 and ran circles around Jon Kerlin for many years to come.  Good times!

I landed at a law firm after realizing that small babies and working 80+ hours a week don’t really mix unless you don’t need to sleep or bathe and I decided that I really needed to do both after all.  It was there that I got involved in the IP section.  My first exposure to a patent troll nastygram was in 2001 and I still love the thrill of  chasing the bad guys.

In February of this year, Valentine’s Day to be exact, I envisioned a way to be a part of the solution to the patent troll problem rather than just one more voice speaking out against it.  Sitting in my Ford F-150 (because this is Texas and it’s pretty much the law that you must own a pick up truck and I may be a lot of things but a scofflaw isn’t among them), I came up with a way to mass-collect patent demand letters.  The idea of such a beast is not novel and not original to me, but I’m hoping my approach to the process will be.

Telling stories is a big part of what blogging is all about.  I hope that the stories I write here will be above all else entertaining, and secondarily, educational.  And if they also serve to drive patent demand letter recipients to enter them into my tool, then I will have hit the jackpot.

Thanks for coming here to read (or shake your fists in anger or poke fun or roll your eyes, whatever makes you happy).  I hope you have a great time!




Original Text:  June, 2011

This blog was created for several reasons.  To start with, it pays homage to a prior blog whose demise is the stuff of IP legend, if not Movie of the Week material.  Why people think no one would watch a movie about this stuff is beyond me.  Much more sophisticated topics have found their way into theaters with very good results.  Hollywood?  If you come knocking, I’ll have a screenplay ready for you.

The second reason this blog was created is because I have something to say about this industry.  Lots of somethings, in fact.  I hope people read them and find them beneficial!

The final reason is that I have wanted for a very long time to take one of my photos and go all crazy with it by drawing lines that link to patent numbers.  That’s how I see the world:  a serious of things that can be patented.  I am aware that I could have simply created the image, printed it, and framed it for my own person use and that I did not need to have a blog as a reason to do it.  Whatever.  Creating this header graphic gave me way more satisfaction than it should have and I will not apologize for that.

This blog and all information on it contains the insights of the author and the author only, who is beholden to no one in the industry.  All opinions and information set forth in this blog are the sole property of the blog writer.  She is known to go freak nasty when not given credit, so do link back to the site if you use anything you find here never going to go freak nasty if anyone uses anything from this blog.  That was written just after someone took something I said and executed on it.  You know, like I advocate doing.  So how hypocritical is it of me to say “GIVE ME ALL THE CREDIT, BEOTCHES!”  Very hypocritical, that’s how.  So I don’t say that anymore.  Just sayin’.

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