I Have It On Good Authority… #Anonymous

Remember when the FTC decided it was going to get all “gimme gimme gimme” with the information about the patent troll business model and possibly start subpoena-ing said information?  No?  Here’s a refresher.

Well low and behold, I get a tip from an anonymous source that a certain company received a request from an NPE to permit disclosure of a license agreement to the FTC.  We don’t know yet if it was the result of a subpoena but does that even matter because “Hello, shot across the bow.”


Turns out?  This original company was not the only one, either.  There are subsequent reports of a couple of other companies receiving something similar.

So is the FTC holding to its guns, so to speak, and going after the guys in the black hats?  Do we want them to?  I struggle with that because on the one hand, it’s a pain point for trolls to have to comply with their heavily detailed ask.  I have no shame in admitting that I like to see companies who inflict pain for no other reason than monetary gain suffer like a bald man in the hot sun with no hat.

But on the other hand, government involvement in business practices that are, right now, not illegal is kinda Big Brother-ish.

Either way, there are two important takeaways:

  1. Patents trolls are in the cross-hairs of more than one governmental agency and this, generally speaking, spells doom
  2. This news feels like the day I found out who the original troll tracker was or the day I found out about the results of the Nortel auction.  In a word? Significant.




{Cool war shot image from here.}


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