Statistically Speaking, Here’s Where We Stand On Demand Letters

I should look up the last time I posted conclusions about the demand letters entered at That Patent Tool but I’m busy burning dinner working on a new release so you’ll just have to trust me that we’ve done this before.

(Kidding, here’s the prior post.)

Numbers aren’t normally my thing because math.  But I thought it might be fun to run some stats on what’s been entered so far.   What’s so interesting is that even with partial information, you can still see patterns emerging.  By partial, I mean that sometimes we get the full name of the company the letter was sent to, along with the demand amount and the names of counsel, what products are specifically accused of infringing and why, etc.   Other times (most, in fact) all we get is the name of the asserter and the potentially infringing product, which is to say not much information at all.  Nevertheless, when you aggregate, here’s what you get:

Percentage of times the demand amount was entered (v. redacted or not provided):  29%

Avg demand amount across all letters:  $8063.63

Avg demand amount by category:

Scanning:  $1120.00

In-app purchasing:  $5000.00

Transportation*:  $150,000.00

*This is the Arrival Star v. TARTA assertion, the only one in this category.

Percentage of times the recipient was not named/redacted: 71%

Percentage of times the asserter was a six-letter company name:  56%

That last one is in there just for fun, because of course all of the six-letter asserters are really the Scanner Dudes, represented by Farney Daniels, PC.  You want to know something strange?  Most of the six-letter companies start with the letter F or I.  “F” I can kinda get behind because Farney Daniels.  But I?  What’s up with that?

The more data that comes in the more we can wrap our mitts around what the trolls are doing and who they’re going after.   If you’ve been hit by a troll or know someone who has, encourage them enter as much information as they can into That Patent Tool!!

And on a personal note, if you have any idea how to disable the touchpad on a Dell laptop running Windows 8, I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.



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