OMG Lodsys, You Don’t Want To Go There With Martha Stewart

So first off Lodsys, you’re aware that Martha Stewart has been to jail, right? Oh I know, I know, it was a “white collar prison” but seriously, woman served time.   It’s not enough that TM Soft and Todd Moore put the beat-down on you, you’re going back for more and you’re picking on, like, the most notorious bitch this side of me when the kids have eaten all my chocolate.

Be afraid.  BE VERY AFRAID.

Via The Verge’s article:

Unlike the small app developers that Lodsys typically preys on, however, Stewart’s company isn’t interested in playing ball.

See, I would argue that they are, only Lodsys?  You’re the ball.  MSLO is going to bat you around until there’s nothing left.


“Come here, my pretty little Lodsys…”

To add insult to some pretty serious injury that’s likely to occur, they continue:

Furthermore, it goes a step further and asks the court to declare that all of the patents indicated in the suit are invalid — a ruling that could help other companies dealing with Lodsys.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.  That’s gotta sting.

If you thought Girdlegate had potential, just wait.  This woman eats insubordinate underlings for lunch.


If looks could kill, the suit’d be over already.

Predicted outcome?  You’re gonna get creamed.



{Cat image found here, Martha image found here.}

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