Nebraska Opens Up A Cornfield-Sized Can Of Whoop-ass On A Troll’s Attorneys

I was heretofore unaware of Nebraska’s even having cans of whoop-ass, but oh my do they ever.  Have y’all seen this by Scott Bialecki?

Vermont led the charge and now Nebraska has picked up the ball and run with it, all the way to the one yard line.  They’re going after Farney Daniels, who represent the Scanner Dudes (you may know them as MPHJ), in a big, huge, cornfield-sized way.

And they’re not just taking them to the woodshed over consumer protection laws and giving them a swat or two with a switch.  Oh no, they’re bringing a whole arsenal of whoop-assery to bear:

Of interest, the Nebraska AG’s Office has demanded that the firm identify, among other things, all patents that it has asserted on behalf of its clients against Nebraska consumers since January 1, 2010.  It has also asked for all communications related thereto. In addition, the AG’s Office has demanded that the firm cease and desist from any new patent enforcement actions within the State of Nebraska pending the investigation.

Let me just call out that second sentence again:

It has also asked for all communications related thereto.

Wow.  So they don’t just want Farney to stop sending demand letters in Nebraska while they’re being investigated, they want to see up their britches in the interim.  That’s um… significant.

The blanket approach to sending out cease and desist letters on behalf of trolls may not bode well if it involves a substantial number of businesses operating in one state.

Indeed it may not.  Nebraska’s after trolls, Vermont’s after them, our elected officials from hither and yon are scrambling to come up with legislation to fight them, I’ve got 59 troll letters already tracked at That Patent Tool…it’s getting rough out there for the trolls!

It’s a shame too (hint: not really), since the Farney Daniels guys are so nice and all.  It just goes to show that whether you’re nice about it or a thug, it’s still wrong to use patents to extort people for money.


Farney has until August 19th to respond, so the next few weeks should be a barrel of fun.  For me, I mean.

Just as an aside, and in closing: Farney Daniels?  What in the world are you doing with your alphabetical listing of attorneys?  If you click a letter, it shows all attorneys who have that letter anywhere in their name.  Color me crazy, but normally, doesn’t it work that if you click a letter, you get people who’s last name begins with that letter?  Doing it your way, it looks like you’ve got waaaaay more attorneys than you do.

Oh, wait….


{Mac Rust image via Joe Mullin @ Ars Technica, Erich Spangenberg image via the Dallas Observer}

2 thoughts on “Nebraska Opens Up A Cornfield-Sized Can Of Whoop-ass On A Troll’s Attorneys

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