Personal Audio Gets Personal, Survives The Lion’s Den

Talk about jumping into the lion’s den.  Jim Logan, founder of Personal Audio of “I’m suing all you podcasters, so git ready!” fame, agreed to participate in a forum on Slashdot.  And he’s still alive after the experience, which tells you that programmers and nerds really need to learn how to aim are just normal people at the end of the day. After reading the write-up on I AM Magazine’s blog, I have a better understanding of the issue here.  Jim Logan is the original inventor and holds the patent to the technology himself.  This puts him in a different category than your run of the mill IP Navs and Intellectual Ventures and other patent trolls in that he didn’t go out and bogart a stupid patent and haul off threatening everyone and their uncle with infringement. This is a great point here, made by yours truly and many other patent industry pundits:

For me the Personal Audio story is just another example of why a great deal of care is needed when debating trolls/NPEs/PAEs. Although it is tempting to see them as all the same, they are not.

No, they are not all the same.  I haven’t seen any of the demand letters that Personal Audio has sent out so either I’m not looking hard enough or they’re not posted anywhere.  But the I AM article makes an interesting point:

Increased transparency is also being mooted as a way to stop trolls. But Personal Audio is perfectly clear about what it is and who owns it; so new rules on that front will change nothing.

Did he explain his story in the demand letter the way the I AM blog did, or the way he did on Slashdot?  Maybe he did.  And this is one more thing that a national database of demand letters like I’m building at That Patent Tool would do:  it would expose not only the tactics of the true trolls by allowing me and others to triangulate information, it would also help those accused of being a troll by letting others see the full story. If Jim Logan had put it all out there in the demand letter and made a reasonable demand for a licensing fee by realizing that Adam Carolla, for all his funny, is not going to have the same resources as an Apple or Microsoft maybe he wouldn’t be so vilified? One of the things I want to do with That Patent Tool is build a community around the recipients.  In the case of Personal Audio, it would allow recipients to log on to the forums and talk about what’s going on, maybe form a loose consortium of buyers who can split the cost of a license?  You know, gather the smaller podcasters together, pool resources, and talk to Mr. Logan about a license that they could all take.  It’d be win-win:  Personal Audio gets to quit paying their counsel to send out letter after letter, recipients don’t feel like they’re being snatched by a beast from under a bridge and shaken down for an exorbitant fee: everyone’s happy.  Hugs? hug a troll It’s OK with me if you sing Kumbaya now. Just sayin’, IPTT {image found here:}

3 thoughts on “Personal Audio Gets Personal, Survives The Lion’s Den

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