Dittos, DITTO!

Probably I’m alerting the whole world to the fact that I listened to Rush Limbaugh in the 1980’s by saying “Dittos”, but there you go.  Don’t hold it against me, I was 22 and most assuredly not as self-aware as that other girl who talks about being 22.

Because I follow Fark on twitter I saw that Ditto.com is funding an Indiegogo campaign against their patent troll.  Isn’t that a sweet way to put it?  You know you’ve hit the big time when you get your own personal patent troll or two.  Someone should open up an accessories store for pet trolls.  Number one item on the inventory list?  Shock collar.


When I get MY pet troll, I’m going to teach him to quit picking his nose in public.

Because I hate patent trolls love t-shirts and would do almost anything for love one, I contributed to the campaign.  I hate that they are having to spend money fighting off a troll and decided to pitch in a bit to help the cause.  Sort of putting my money where my (big fat) mouth is.

It looks like the troll that’s going after DITTO is suing a host of other people, both now and then:

(Note:  Both images are screenshots from emails sent by PriorSmart. )

Now – March 28, 2013:


Then – July 8, 2012:


So, yeah.  They’re a troll.

For anyone who says that these guys are “not that bad” or are “just asserting their rights according to the law” or whatever phrase they use so they can sleep at night, I submit these comments from Kate Endress:

Indeed, Endress said she’s in a tough spot, where “we cannot afford to win” — in other words, the company doesn’t have enough money to defend itself in court, and even though Ditto has raised venture funding, the threat of litigation scares off any additional investment. The company has already had to lay off three engineers, Endress said.

For emphasis, I’ll repeat this part:

…the threat of litigation scares off any additional investment.


Now, I do realize that being able to virtually try on a pair of glasses before buying them is not akin to, say, curing cancer.  And I further understand that awesome eyewear is a privilege in this country, and not a right.

But what is a right in this country, and in fact, is one of the top three afforded to the citizens of this great nation via our founding documents, is the pursuit of happiness.  Kate Endress et al are pursuing happiness by building a company and providing a service to their customers.  Patent trolls like Lennon Image Technologies are pursuing…what?  Bottom-feeding scavenger tactics, preying on a young company that they know, they know, cannot afford to fight them.

This is the kind of thing that has got to stop.  All those nice bills before Congress are a start, but as I’ve stated before, I’m of the opinion that the trolls will just find a way around any new laws that come out.  They’re already trying.  {Here is where I would insert the image of the search terms used to land on this site, and how one of them was “how to get around the SHIELD act”, if I only could find it.  Dagnabbit.}

No, I think collective action around these demand letters is a better first start, and I may or may not have a way to do that. (Hint: I might have.)  Let’s start tracking who, where, and when these guys hit and get a collective response going, no?

Just sayin’,


Troll image found here:  http://wickershamsconscience.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/patent_troll_2.jpg?w=700

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