When Is A Survey Not a Survey? When It’s Really A Marketing Campaign By Intellectual Ventures

What long-term positive PR that IV thought they were going to accomplish with this survey is anybody’s guess.  No, really…anyone have a guess?  It’d be just as good as mine because I’ll admit to being Clueless in Katy.  The thing of it is, we’ve already seen your underpants and it’s hard to unsee that.  Two rounds of eye bleach were wholly unhelpful, be forewarned.

I asked @IVInvents (ridicule of that twitter handle will commence shortly) how many of the respondents were investors.  Their response was as follows:

Intellectual Ventures Twitter Exchange with @CandidCanon

Note:  Edited below because I evidently forgot the 3rd grade, where I was supposed to have learned which direction the pointy-bracket thing goes for “greater than” v. “less than”.

To pull out the statistics, most of the CEOs that responded headed up companies with less more than 1,000 employees and under over $100M in revenue.    From their own analysis of their own survey comes this:

In our Market Research on Patent Attitudes study, the majority of the C-suite executives we surveyed believe patents are good for innovation; they believe patent rights should be respected; they believe people should pay a license fee to use technology that is patented. Yet, they don’t fully recognize how patents apply to them.

They don’t fully recognize how patents apply to them, huh?  Let me guess…you’re going to show them, right?

These executives rank product development and competitive edge highly in their 2013 business priorities, but the C-suite does not have the information or expertise to leverage patents within their business strategy.

Right.  And Intellectual Ventures does.  So this was not so much a survey as it was a marketing campaign, am I right?  Go out and ask leading questions to get the answers that you want so that you can provide {Shazaam!} just the information and solution they didn’t know they needed.

Well played.

Less than half the executives we surveyed had heard of patent licensing companies (which were described in the blind survey as “a company that purchases patents and licenses them to companies who have existing products in the market”).

You’re kidding, right?  The reason less than half of them had heard of a patent licensing company is because you sugar-coated it with your definition:  “…a company that purchases patents and licenses them to companies who have existing products in the market”.  Your article-writer is being very inefficient because you could have said that in 15 fewer words by typing “patent troll” or “Intellectual Ventures” because that’s who and what you’re describing.

My very favorite thing about the “survey” is the Insights that run across the bottom of the slides, the first two of which had me howling with laughter:

Insight:  Patents are not stifling American innovation.

Insight:  The U.S. patent system is not broken.

Oooh, boy.  Where’s Emoji for WordPress when you need it?  I could use about a hundred of these 😆 right now!

And as for the Twitter handle @IVInvents, I have a question for you:   What does IV invent?

Survey says?  New ways to polish a turd.

Just sayin’,



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