The Google’s Chrome Disappoints And I Think It’s Surfcast’s Fault

Remember that company with the really lame website?  Not specific enough, huh.  OK, this is the one I mean, Surfcast.  These are the guys that are suing MSFT over live tiles which, let’s be honest, was really invented way back in the 1940’s by Brockton Enterprises.

The case goes to trial in September and already I’m feeling the effects.  I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice and a few days ago my whole world fell apart.  I have no idea how it happened, but it is definitely the fault of a patent troll because really, isn’t everything?

I used to have a really cool set of little mini-windows…tiles, if you will, that showed all my most recently opened windows.  It made it really easy for me to check TMZ to find out what those silly Kardashians are up to these days.  Now, I get this nonsense:


WTH, Google?

To say nothing of which WHAT IS UP with the “Ask Toolbar”?  How did I get that installed and can someone please, PLEASE  just make it go away?

I’m blaming this on Surfcast.  Now, I know that we have had a discussion about whether or not they are a true troll (and by “we” I mean “me, myself, and I”).  It’s possible that they came up with the idea and patented it but ran out of funding before they could bring it to an operating system.  Or perhaps they were unable to negotiate the price they wanted for a license from the big boys and so decided to just lay in wait until Windows 8 came out and then stick their hairy knuckles out like the troll they are.

Who knows.  But I’m pretty sure they’re the reason that what was once a really easy to use “New Tab” interface in Chrome has gone all to hell.

Just sayin’,


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