The Shakedown List: President’s Day Edition

Well, one of the troll’s lists, anyway.

I love when trolls list out their latest victims licensees/acquisitions.  It’s almost as if they’re proud of it?  Here’s Acacia Media’s Recent News:


When you click the link with the bad date, you get this file, from which I’ve pilfered this quote:

Acacia’s CEO Paul Ryan, commented, “We see the energy industry as a significant new market for the continued expansion of our patent licensing business in 2013.  Acacia plans to continue this expansion and partner with patent owners who have developed new technological advances in all areas of the energy industry.”

Since I speak Troll, allow me to translate:


And from lolspeak to english:

Oil and gas?  Hold on to yer ten gallon hat, you’re next.

This is interesting to me for a few reasons.  Firstly, because I spent the better part of my early career writing programs to track information for oilfield services companies.  I love that industry!  Technology is what allows us to get the oil out of the ground for cheaper, and it also allows for us to find more of it.  If you’ve been near or in the oil business for any length of time you know that there is no shortage of the stuff.  There’s more oil in the ground than we have used to date, worldwide.  You just gotta find it and get it to the surface.  Technology helps us do that.  And now the trolls will make it harder for companies to spend their money on those technological innovations because they’ll be spending that money on lawyers to fight off the guys in the black hats.  Which in turn will cause the price of gas to go up as well.  Bonus!  (Not.)

Secondly, I find it interesting/embarrassing because I should have seen it coming.  I thought (and still do) that the pharma community was going to be the hardest hit after the technology sector, and maybe the data will still bear that hunch out.  But this right here revelation from Acacia is going to force me to Google a whole different topic and see who else is on this bandwagon.

And here I thought I had the day off.

Just sayin,


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