In Defense of the Indefensible: That’s Not The Whole Truth And You Know It

Hello, Erin.  Nice article.

Here’s the thing…it is certainly admirable that there are companies out there who want to help the little guy.  In fact, that’s a point I made in my very own Backgrounder right here at IPTT2.  (Is it wrong to link to yourself?  Is that bad protocol?  Will it make my hit counts go up artificially?  ACK!)  But we all know good and well that that is not predominantly what Acacia and InterDigital do.

This is kind of why, when you’re sworn in under oath, you’re told to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”  I once babysat for a kid who, in a moment of “out of the mouths of babes” that you just can’t script, said it like this:

You should always tell the truth, the whole truth, and everything but the truth!

…you know, like politicians!  He was a good kid.  Often wondered how he turned out, but I’m too afraid to look him up because he’d be in his 30’s by now and Good God above I cannot possibly be that old to have babysat him when he was eight.

But I digress.

The Patent Troll issue gets tons of play and it should and this is but one more article to add to the mix that tries to show that not everything is as awful as those of us on my side of the fence make it seem.  I think personally that there’s nothing wrong with defending a troll or two if there’s good reason.  Sure, some trolls actually do work to get the little guy inventor a good deal, but it is always with their own bottom line in mind, so not quite as altruistic as Erin’s article would make us believe.  I also realize that, as I pointed out in my war of words discussion with Charles Arthur, not everyone who sues over a patent is a troll.

But Acacia?  InterDigital?


Just sayin’,


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