Copywrong: Let’s Take Bets On How Long It Takes Someone To Sue These People

I’m not a copyright kinda gal, but this is interesting:

Studio Calico Instagrammed

Studio Calico is a Scrapbooking Manufacturing company.  They make papers and stamps and embellishments that women buy and use to record family memories.  Awesome hobby, to hear it told.  Instagram is H-U-G-E in this industry, because it’s so easy to take a picture of little Johnny and make it look spectacular with some of their filters.  So when this particular company released it’s “sneak peek” of items to be released this fall, this stamp was in there.

Can they do that?  I mean, did Instagram trademark the name and all derivatives?  Do they have to?

And I wonder if the issue is much larger now that Facebook has bought Instagram?  This post was originally drafted in July of 2012, which tells you that I don’t complete anything everything I start, so the proverbial “a lot” has happened since then.

Copyright infringement, at least as I understand it which is admittedly not very well, is actually pretty rampant in the Scrapbooking industry.  People copy each other’s ideas all the time.  Interestingly, there are precious few lawsuits over it.  Is it because the hobby was originated by Mormon women, and they as a whole seem non-litigious?  Is it because the industry doesn’t pay well enough to afford top-notch legal talent?

No, I think it’s because women have their own way of dealing with the issue:  shame.  Manufacturers of scrapbooking products, typically owned by women, call each other out on message boards, we publicly bad-mouth…hell, there’s a whole “scrap smack” blog where women can do nothing but bash the titans of industry.  That’s how we roll.

Facebook?  Maybe not so much.  Something tells me they’d be all over poor Studio Calico if they knew about it.

Just sayin’,


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