Ross Perot’s Giant Sucking Sound, Redux

First of all, Lodsys, are you bragging?  Are you intentionally trying to be obnoxious for attention?**

As of October 8, 2012, there are greater than 150 companies which obtained the rights to use the Lodsys Group patent portfolio, and more than 4 out of 5 of these companies have entered into licenses outside of the litigation process. These companies have realized significant savings by taking advantage of lower licensing rates. Lodsys Group has engaged the firm, IPMG AG to conduct a non-litigation licensing program.

Allow me to translate:

As of October 8, 2012, there are greater than 150 companies which we have bullied into purchasing rights to our patent portfolio, which we own for the sole purpose of harassing people.  Also?  More than 4 out of 5 of these companies have entered into licenses outside of the litigation process, because they were too small to mount a defense against us. These companies have realized that we are not going away and that the price of licensing is only slightly less than the price of litigating against us so either way they lose, but at least they will lose less if they take a license.  Lodsys Group has engaged the firm, (<– See how I left that comma splice in there?  You’re welcome.) IPMG AG to conduct our continued shake downs.

{shakes head} One of many negative effects of this kind of harassment and bullying, because really we ought to call a spade a spade, is that talent is leaving the US.  Ross Perot was right, even if things didn’t go South of the border, but across the pond instead.  Mike Lee, the original founder of a collaborative defense team called the Appsterdam Legal Defense team, makes an excellent point:

“Every non-American organization trying to unseat Silicon Valley as the world leader in technology production should be popping champagne” over Lodsys’ continued claims, Lee said. “More patent madness means more talent flowing into Europe, which is great, because it means we can start using our embassies to kick some of that over to countries like Greece and Italy who could definitely use the work.”

Is this really what we want?  You can argue, and many do, that the patents system should be dissolved altogether and I’m down with that in some ways.  I think rather than that you just alter it and turn to the Use It or Lose It approach, that would help out a lot.  But one thing that you simply MUST do is rid the landscape of companies like Lodsys.  You know,  NPEs, patent grabbers, Ne’er-do-wells…a Troll by any other name would smell as foul.

Just sayin’,


**I felt compelled to use that phrase because it was used against moi in a recent Twitter direct message.  It was in response to a tweet I made about someone posting a link wherein followers were invited to caption a picture.  At least that’s how I understood it.  But when you click the link, you had to sit through an ad for a cold beverage that is not Coke, but the other guy.  I took exception to that and tweeted as such.  And I got direct messaged back and, I think, insulted.  You decide (hint:  it’s the first one):

I think I've been insulted.


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