Arthur Brooks Hates Patent Trolls

So I don’t really know Arthur Brooks personally, so probably I shouldn’t make such a claim.  But I’ll tell you right now, based on this little diddy on YouTube, he hates them.  And for the record, I would really like to know him so if you’re his PR guy/gal and he has a few spare moments in his day, have his people call my people me.

The two most powerful words in the video are “earned success”.  I’m not quite sure why everyone didn’t learn this lesson as a child, but they clearly should have.  You value what you earn/make/buy/do for yourself much more than you do things that are given to you.  That’s why my parents made me pay for 1/2 of my jeans in high school since I insisted on wearing Guess jeans.  No way was my Mom, whether she had the financial means to or not, going to pay $60 for jeans.  That was a lot of money in 1984, and I didn’t, strictly speaking, need them.  (As a small aside, I would argue that I absolutely did because Mary Beth Moran – not her real name – would tease me mercilessly on the bus ride home if I were only wearing Levi’s.  Need vs want, indeed.)  So she devised this little plan whereby if I wanted them that was fine with her, but I had to EARN the amount over and above what normal jeans cost.  Done and done.  I found babysitting jobs, shined my Dad’s shoes for $1 a shoe, ironed shirts ($1 for five shirts), did whatever it took to save up that money and EARN my way into that little magic upside-down triangle logo.  And I took care of those babies like they were the Shroud of Turin.

This is what bugs me about patent trolls.  It’s because they are monetizing an asset that they had nothing to do with creating.  They buy patents, add no value whatsoever, and bully people with them.  Anti-American.  Anti-Capitalistic.

And, to the point of the video and a point I’ve made in the past myself, if I do say so myself, IMMORAL.

Just sayin’,


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