Unite and Conquer

Looks like Article One Partners is going to start helping the little guy.

I love this company.  They are hitting the patent problem where it starts, working to find prior art.  This does two things:  It helps the USPTO issue better patents that are not so similar to previously issued patents which causes everyone time and money during litigation, and it help defeat the trolls by invalidating nefarious patents that they sue over to begin with.  Good on them!  And?  The founder is a girl.  Take that, Good Ol’ Boys network. (Not a feminazi, I just like it when women come up with great ideas and run big companies.)

Here’s an interesting take on the trolls that I hadn’t heard before (emphasis mine):

 It is the frivolous complaints that have become the nemesis of mobile app developers.  Frivolous complaints give the industry a black eye, particularly those non-practicing entities that have fairly engaged in the research and development necessary to innovate only to have their innovations serially copied and patent rights infringed.

Huh?  Trolls (OK, NPEs, whatever) don’t innovate.  Having a great idea and patenting it is not innovation.  Having a great idea, making something of value out of it, and then (possibly) patenting it is innovation.  Bazillions of people have brilliant ideas every single day.  But not bazillions of people have the energy, motivation to change, and stick-to-itivenes to make it happen.  I don’t think people should be rewarded, via a patent or otherwise, just for having a great idea.  You’ve got to take that idea and makes something with it, right?  I understood the very definition of a troll/NPE to be that they don’t do that.  Hell, it’s in the name, people:  Non Practicing Entity.  So I’m not sure how Gene Quinn can claim what he just did in the quoted statement.  Yeah, they did the R&D necessary to innovate, but then they want to stand on their idea and say “Hey, you want to make something out of it?  Pay me first.”  That’s just dumb.

I’m not the grammar police, but really?

Typically I am not one to say that patent infringement lawsuits are responsible for stunning the growth of an industry,

“Stunting”.  The word you’re looking for here Gene is “stunting”.

the world’s largest patent research community, today announced the formation of a partnership with the Appsterdam Legal Foundation, a global trade organization for mobile software developers.

This is what I was getting at with my last post.  Join forces and take these guys down.  That’s the only way to fight a bully:  Peace through strength, may Ronald Reagan rest in peace.

Just sayin’,


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