But then who will create Angrier Birds?

Here’s food for thought:  what good are those Nortel patents, the ones that apply to smart phones anyway, if there’s no one around to develop apps for them?

From the article:

Software patent owners in the US have latched onto potential revenue streams to be earned from independent developers by suing over perceived infringements of their intellectual property – which can be expensive for developers to defend even if they are successful.

Wait…”software patent owners”?  That’s a generous description of patent troll, but OK.  We’ll roll with it.  Many moons ago when I was a developer, I can say with certainty that defending myself against a patent suit would have been impossible.  If the Apples and Googles of the world will not defend the people who make apps for their respective platforms, then who can blame the guy working 80 hours a week on the cheap to come up with the next Angry Birds from, you know, not working 80 hours a week on the cheap to come up with the next Angry Birds?

Right now, it’s not clear from the law if Apple or Google actually can defend their developers, so there’s also that angle.  It would be in their best interest not to bite the hands that feed them, but they may be on a short enough leash that they can’t help it.

Not every developer out there can afford to pull a @simonmaddox and take his marbles and go home, tempting though it may be.   But you can certainly see the draw of wanting to, in the face of the Lodsyses of the world (or whatever the plural of that name happens to be).

Just sayin’,


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